Public and private partners are a key component of EqualGenius's success.  In addition to critical financial support, many of our partners provide market and employment opportunities for our program participants, as well as world-class business and industry expertise and advice that we can leverage to help create a thriving environment in the countries where we work.

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Partner with us



  • To address global challenges – ranging from climate, water and food crises to poverty, from conflict resolution to health and wellness, from developing skills to addressing inequality in all forms

  • To address solutions that the private sector can deliver through business innovation, transforming business models and systems for the future, integrity and values systems

  • To map a shared approach which enables the move from awareness to action, engaging with stakeholders from the government, the UN, civil society and local community

  • To identify underserved geographies and segments of society, which could benefit from innovative products and services developed in a sustainable way

  • To invest in education, capacity building and work opportunities to stimulate the economy; increasing the local economic power while preserving the environment

  • To reduce the link between economic growth and intense use of natural resources and materials through energy and water efficiency, including lower carbon footprint, and circular economy ideas

  • To identify and enable collaboration opportunities with peers, customers, suppliers, academia and non-profit organizations, as well as across industries, to achieve mutually beneficial solutions, leverage networks, achieve scale and share responsibility

  • To partner with governments, cities and civil society to deploy the financial, technological and human resources of business to promote development, stability and trade​